Partridge and Hare

Partridge and Hare


Fly Fishing Flies - Partridge and Hare

The most effective fly fishing flies ever tied. Time proven patterns tied traditional style on competition grade hooks using all natural materials.

Highest quality flies tied using only the best materials on the very best Hanak barbless competition Hooks. These hooks are sticky sharp!

An old time classic wet fly or soft hackle the Partridge and Hare is fished under the water surface. The fly is a well known fly with its roots set firmly in English angling history. It is an impressionistic pattern fished successfully during Caddis hatches and spinner falls. The Partridge and Hare is traditionally a trout and grayling pattern but may be used for other aquatic insect feeding species.

We include both weighted and unweighted version of this supper effective fly

Imitates: The Partridge and Hare resembles emerging caddis pupa, diving adult caddis or sunken may fly spinners. An unweighed and lightly greased partridge and Hare also makes for an excellent Mayfly Spinner pattern.

Delivered in our classic tin fly box "Box - O - Flies"

Best fly fishing flies for New Zealand trout

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