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NEW! - Big savings on fly rod, reel and fly line combo's - VIEW THE COLLECTION

Epic Fly Rod Building Kit - 590G 5wt Fly Rod Building Series pt1

September 09, 2021 1 min lesen.

Epic fly rod building kit unboxing video

Epic Fly Rod Build - 590G 5wt Graphene Fly Rod Building Series (Part 1) 

If you’ve ever tied your own flies, you’ll know the satisfaction it gives you when you catch a fish on your own creation. Well, why not take this feeling to the next level by building your own fly rod?

In this 6 part series, Pierre from is building a 590G 5 Weight Graphene Fly Rod with a slim wells grip. In this first video, he unboxes the item and shows you all of the components that come with the kit, as well as some important extras that you’ll want to have before you start the build. While Epic Rod Building Kits come with very detailed instructions that you can follow to build your own rod, we hope that this in-depth series will help you to follow along with the rod build should you choose to order one for yourself

  • Introduction 
  • Epic Fly Rods
  • Why Build Your Own Rod?
  • Introducing The Epic Rod Building Kit
  • What Happens When You Order?
  • Epic Rod Components 
  • Rod Building Instruction Manual 
  • Other Components 
  • The Drying Motor 
  • The Box / Thread Wrap Stand 
  • Other Tools Recommended

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