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Fly Rod Kits fly rod building kits

Building a fly rod is no mean feat, selecting the correct matching components can be an intimidating exercise alone.  First time rod builder or seasoned professional, our Epic Ready to Wrap Fly Rod Building Kits make building a quality fly rod simple. Each fly rod kit contains all the components, glues, rod finish and instructions you’ll need to build your own unique custom Epic fly rod.

The Fly Rod Building Book

 Our comprehensive 42 page build book is included free in every fly rod kit, it guides you every step of the way.

Fly rod building Kits build your own fly rod

Everything you need in a fly rod kit, and then some.

Everything you need to build a great fly rod.
Each Epic Ready to Wrap Rod Kit even includes rod wrapping stands.

Fly rod Kits build your own fly rod fly rod building

"What can I say, the kit is great. Every thing is top quality from each component, the craftsmanship and even the instructions. I waited a long time to make this purchase and I could not be happier. The service I received both prior and after this purchase was also top rate. I love the concept of being able to buy a high quality kit and being able to build it yourself. Already have plans to purchase another kit for a winter build. Thank you to everyone on the Epic Team." ~ Bradley Reed

Kitchen Wrap

Here Epic Ambassador Peter Fisher and Peter Ortmann give the Epic Ready to Wrap kit the once over. The Kit they are building is our Bandit 10wt Fastglass Fly Rod


We offer Fly Rod kits from 3  to 12 weight - view the range here >


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Fly Fishing Photography By Steven Ooi Epic Fly Rods Fly Rod Kits Photo

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