Welcoming World Fly Casting Champion Whitney Gould

Whitney Gould Spey Casting


We are absolutely delighted to welcome the incredibly talented Whiney Gould to the Epic Pro Team.

“Fly fishing isn’t about catching the most fish. If it was, none of us would be fly fishers to begin with. It’s about catching fish on your own terms. Spey tackle offers a different perspective on traditional trout fishing. It challenges you to come up with new solutions to old problems. Spey has become the means of targeting trout that I not only find the most rewarding, but also the most interesting.”
- Whitney Gould, Spey Tackle and Techniques For Montana Trout, Fly Fisherman Magazine, April 2020

Whitney currently guides for HeadHunters Fly shop on the Missouri River in Montana. She is an angler, full-time fishing guide, casting instructor and part-time painter. She has a degree in Painting from Temple School of Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design. Fishing allows Whitney to merge her creativity with her love for fishing and the outdoors.

Whitney is a seven-time Spey-O-Rama World Casting Champ and is an FFI Certified Casting Instructor. She is currently training and planning, if the planets align, to compete in the World Championships in Fly Casting in 2022.
Whitney serves as a visiting guide for Warriors and Quiet Waters, a therapeutic program that takes post- 9/11 combat veterans, their caretakers, and their families fishing. Angling enriches people’s lives by generating deep connections to the fish and river against Montana’s backdrop of amazing spaces.

Epic is Whitney’s fly rod of choice. She likes the feel of its classic fiberglass action. Well- constructed and durable, Epic is an elegant workhorse that generates a smooth flow and a superb cast. The rod stores energy quickly and efficiently and performs brilliant single-hand spey casts. Whitney also thinks the color variety is sweet.

You can follow Whitney on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/whitneygouldspey


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