NEW! - Big savings on fly rod, reel and fly line combo's - VIEW THE COLLECTION

NEW! - Big savings on fly rod, reel and fly line combo's - VIEW THE COLLECTION

Win an Epic Fly Rod Building Kit

Epic fly rod building kit

Win and build your very own Epic fly rod!

Together with The Fly Fishing Nation we are giving away 2 X Epic Ready To Wrap Fly Rod Building kits to two of you glorious souls out there.

How to participate:

  1. Take a look at our Fly Rod Building Kit Collection and pick any the kit you would like should you win. (Bamboo kits excluded)
  2. Jump on our Instagram post  @epicflyrods and let us now in the comments which kit you would like to win. Make sure you like the post and give us a follow.
  3. Tag a mate who would like in on the action too!
  4. Jump on the @theflyfishignation feed and comment on your preferred kit also. Make sure you like the post and give them a follow
  5.  Tag a friend who you think would want in on this action too.

We will select the winners on Friday 27th May and be in touch. Soon thereafter, the rods will be sent out. Once they arrive then fun begins and we build out our rods!

Simon Si @si_onthefly will be documenting the whole process from start to finish so everyone gets a feel for what building one of these kits is like from the perspective of someone who has never done this before!

The cool thing: We will stay in touch throughout the building process and exchange pics and experiences. We will be building the rod together with YOU! Let's see what we come up with.

"Looking forward to the journey and adding this sweet bit of kit to my collection especially given it will be crafted by the grace of my own hands!"
~ Si

Build a fly rod with an Epic fly rod building kit

3 Antworten

Jim houghton
Jim houghton

Juni 07, 2022

I built a 3 weight fast glass blank, and it has been my goto rod. Most of the time I will nymph fish, using 2 nymphs and a indicator. The rod will cast the rig like a dream.


Juni 07, 2022

you at Epic do not stay lazy :-)
What a great adventure you offer for someone to find the joy of building your own fly rod.
There is only one rod that I have liked more to fish with than the ones I managed to make. That was the G.Loomis IMX with Gary´s signature and slightly remade by him. 9foot 4-piece #4 rod of the 80ies. Been looking for a replacement, but with no luck. One blank from Kilwell was close, and Sage, but for heavier line # 7. Well ok, I have to admit that there are so many great rods out there, so this is always just a very personal choice and feeling. But when you find it, it helps to create a natural handling of the rod with a feeling like the tip of the rod is an extension of your hand, wrist and arm and you forget about the rod as a tool…
Good luck with your project and tight lines.
See you on the water

Frank Vznek
Frank Vznek

Juni 07, 2022


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