The Mighty Brown Trout of The Limay River

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Epic ambassador, Marcos Hlace gives us the lowdown on fishing for migratory Browns in Argentine Patagonia.  

Migratory fish are never easily caught, and the large Browns moving up Argentinas Limay River are no exception. It's not a numbers game when it comes to these finicky brown trout - there's always a very good chance you'll be going home empty-handed. Naturally, the challenge and the thrill of the fight just add to this addictive pursuit.

The Limay River is a perfect migratory fishery - a true pearl found in Argentine Patagonia. We chase brown trout in crystal clear water from April to May when fish begin moving from Nahuel Huapí Lake to find places for reproduction. Rainbow Trout are not excluded from this game - in recent times they appear to be moving into the river earlier than in years gone by (but this is a subject for another blog post).


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"Take risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise.”
This fishing takes place during our Fall season and the weather adds a bit of spice to the challenge. Ice, rain, fog and even snow can be expected at this time of the year - the best precaution is to be ready for any and all of these weather conditions.
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"One fish in a day is a great day, especially when you see the quality of these mighty warriors. There are days with many opportunities but more often there are days with none at all - which keeps us coming back for more".
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.The long cast is mandatory. A perfect drift and a lot of stripping are also prerequisites. These fish are in prime condition and fight the angler accordingly. One must wield a suitable weapon for the task - a fast 7 weight is the typical selection, however, a 6 weight fly rod like the Epic 690G deals with these beasts with ease and provides a lot of fun to boot. A 250 grain shooting head with 6 IPS sink rate is the fly line of choice. A 10ft  Fluorocarbon leader tapering from 25lb down to 0,28 mm handles these large fish.
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My favourite flies are Deceivers, Matukas, and very fine profile Minnows. Colours like black and chartreuse, white and chartreuse, olive and orange are very productive. Don't forget rubber-legged patterns like the Bitch Creek and all its variations if you want to cover everything.
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The final, (and arguably most important) ingredients are friends, the odd wisecrack, and a healthy dose of tomfoolery. Because (as we say in Argentina) when the fish won’t play the game: “No matter what, nobody can take away the dances you've already had.”

Gear used: 

Reference 6wt 690G Carbon Fiber Fly Rod
The 690G is the perfect streamer slinger and excels at throwing large terrestrials, buggers and weighted nymphs. Surprisingly light, tight and super stealthy in our low sheen matt finish, they won't see you coming. 
Epic Backcountry Fly Reel
The best looking fly reel on the river. Our Backcountry fly reel features a smooth, sealed ceramic drag mechanism that boasts 3kg of drag, a lightweight large arbor, and a stealthy satin finish. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater use.

Words & Photography by Marcos Hlace

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Epic ambassador, Marcos Hlace has dedicated his life to guiding, teaching and fly fishing.
From Patagonia to the Amazon jungle. Sea run Browns to Vampire fish - Marcos does it all. Besides fly fishing, Marcos also enjoys sports and photography. In his free time, he enjoys woodwork, especially building wooden boats. Follow Marcos on Instagram here. 

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