How to Clean a Fly Line
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How & Why You Should Clean Your Fly Line

Why clean your fly line? Fly lines are expensive and there's more than one reason a little cleaning, care and maintenance will pay dividends. As you'll see in a moment there are a couple of very go...

fly fishingEpic 690G voted Best 6 wt fly rods for fly fishing in New Zealand

What is the best 6 weight fly rod for New Zealand?

What is the best 6 weight fly rod for New Zealand? While the term "Best 6wt Fly Rod" is pretty subjective, we produce a couple of 6 wts that have been specifically designed for New Zealand conditio...

fly fishingfly fishing rod and reel combos

How to choose the best fly fishing rod and reel combo

A comprehensive guide on the many benefits of choosing a fly fishing rod and reel combo - "fly fishing combo" Matching the correct fly rod with the correct fly reel and fly line can make all the d...

Adventurefly rods for fly fishing

Fly Fishing By Canoe

  “You’ve found a way to make the hardest way to fish even harder,” my dad told me 45 years ago. Maybe, but nothing has brought me more satisfaction over those years than fly fishing from a canoe. 

fly fishingCan understanding left / right preference feeding behaviour in trout help fly anglers catch more fish?

On the Other Hand - A new way to look at feeding behavior

There is no question that a number of factors weigh on a fish’s decision to feed. And the demands of his environment—spring creek vs. freestone river—probably override many other variables; however...

Fly Castingfly casting tips for fly fishing

Fly Casting - Put a Wiggle In It

Four fly casts for drag-free presentations You cast the fly beautifully and accurately in the direction of a deeding trout. As the fly drifts downstream, first the fly line and then the leader, beg...