Fjället - Fly Fishing In Swedish Lapland

fly fishing with fly rods in swedish lapland

Northern Sweden in the heart of Lapland, some friends, a tent and amazing fly fishing!

(Fjället, which means Mountain)

We all have been there, looking out the window at the shitty weather outside. Dreaming away for a little bit, thinking. I want to be out there again, peacefulness and with nothing to worry about. Let's take a ride and get you out there again.

We need a story, and It's quite easy to tell . Three people up the mountain for three days (northern Sweden) with a helicopter and we try to catch trout. They drop us off and we make a camp. That's the whole story, the rest will just be memories. But I have cameras with me so I can share my memories with you. That's the thing for me .

Is food important when you're out fishing? not really. Sorry mom, but  I do think beer and something stronger like beer and “coffekask" (coffee and Vodka) is more important. The lunch is anyway noodles , coffee with some chocolate….  This is standard every day…. chicken, pork, shrimp flavor and some day we have a feast… with Beef. Fredrik is doing his thing with the Trangia kitchen and I will not take that away from him, no one can make noodles like him….Honestly, I don't like it that much but out there in the mountains. Noodles are a must. 

On this trip  I was really looking for rising fish. Fished very little with nymphs and streamers. And I am glad because I have never caught as many nice looking troutt on dry as I did during those days on the mountain this year. I loved this summer. It was like heaven or for some of us like hell. It depends what you believe in.

Sad, but at some point you have to pack your bags, take down the tent and listen! The most important thing is “Take your trash with you and dont leave it behind”. I can't say it enough but the mountains are really special to me and these days up north. The soul begins to start again and the same goes for the head, but still I don't want to go home. Lovely days and the next trip is somewhere unknown yet and I hope you will come along with me for  the next ride as well.

Magnus is a fly fisherman, Cinematographer and Epic Ambassador in Sweden.
Previously Magnus has made a number of wonderful fly rod building videos for us
Magnus also likes to drink beer and fish Epic Fly Rods

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