Fly Rod Combo's make for the Perfect Fly Rod Setup

Fly Rod Combos

As an angler, you are going to be able to save a considerable about of money by buying a fly rod combo, rather than opting for just a rod and then having to buy everything else separately. With a fly rod combo, you are also going to get the backing, fly line, fly reel, and either a rod stock or a rod tube. You can also find these packages referred to as fly rod outfits or fly fishing combos. There are many of them on the market today, and so it is vital to make sure that you select with care.

Back in the day, a lot of the fly rod combos that were out there were of lesser quality. It was back in the days whereby fiberglass tended to be used, and the fly reel looked like it was going to fall apart from the moment it was brought into action. However, those days are long gone and there is no reason to expect any less quality when you go down this route, which is always a great thing.

Times have most definitely changed. In the current day and age, outside of the combinations that are sold at the big box shops, the majority of the fly fishing combos will feature a premium quality rod, line, and reel. While you can still get combos that are not that great, anglers now have an amazing selection of promo combos and fly fishing outfits to select from.

What is a fly fishing rod combo?

Before we take a look at the benefits of fishing rod combos in further detail, we will first explain what this type of combo is. A fly fishing combo is a package that will always include the following items at a minimum:

A Good Fly Rod Combo Deal

These four items are basically the essential items that you require for fly fishing. If you do not have these items, it is not going to be possible for you to fly fish. Or, to use other words, you get all of the essential equipment that is required to make a cast when fly fishing.

Just because these are the basic items you can expect, it does not mean that you cannot get further items. There are a lot of retailers and manufacturers that have added other types of items to their fly fishing rod combo packages. Some of the other items that you may find in these packages include the following:

  • A fishing vest
  • A varied selection of tippets and leaders
  • A varied assortment of flies
  • A net
  • Fly Fishing Accessories, for example, fly boxes, and fly floatant

There are even some combination packages where we have seen wading boots and waders thrown in.

When it comes to these extras, they are all nice-to-have items. A lot of anglers will go onto purchase them at a later date. However, none of them are deemed imperative in order to make a cast when you fly fish. Therefore, it is really up to you as to whether you want to go for a fly rod combo that includes more than the basics.

When searching for a good fly rod combo, it is important to take the time to find the best one for you. Read the reviews that have been left by other people, especially if this is your first time purchasing angling equipment. This will make sure that you end up with the best possible fly rod combo and that you get good value for money from your purchase.

What are the advantages of purchasing a fly rod combo?

There are a number of benefits that are associated with buying a fly rod combo. One of the main reasons to go down this route is because you will be able to ensure that your setup is balanced to perfection. With the majority of the fly fishing combos available today, manufacturers will make certain that everything feels well balanced when an angler holds onto the fly rod. What this means is that when an angler is holding the fly rod parallel to the ground, the rod will not be threatening to tip backwards or forward due to the fly reel being either too light or too heavy.

Aside from this, there are a number of other reasons why a fly rod combo makes a good choice. There are economic benefits, for example. A lot of people find purchasing individual pieces to be very expensive. Therefore, by buying everything in the one package, you can save a considerable amount of money. In fact, it is estimated that you can save as much as 20 per cent off the cost of purchasing the different components separately. In some cases, the savings can be even more!

The convenience factor is another big benefit when it comes to buying a fly rod combo. When you are buying a fly rod combo, the fly reel will arrive with the fly line and the fly backing spooled onto the reel. Therefore, the angler is not going to have to do it themselves or look around for a fly store to do it for them.

In addition to this, everything will match if you go for a fly rod combo. For anglers who are just starting out, this is a critical advantage of purchasing a combination package. A combo package is always going to contain a fly rod, fly line, and fly reel that is properly matched. To put it in other terms, the fly reel and the fly rood are going to match up with the fly line weight correctly.

To conclude, a fly rod combo is a great way to make sure that you get all of the items you need to cast a fly fish. If you are unsure of what to buy to get started, this is an excellent choice. Plus, it is an effective way of ensuring that your fly rod setup is balanced.

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