Fly Rod Building kits how to build a fly rod

Fly Rod Building Kits - Black Friday Sale

Epic Fly Rod Building Kits. Everything You Need To Build a Great Fly Rod.

We've Made Simply Incredible, Incredibly Simple.

Building a fly rod is no mean feat, selecting the correct matching components can be an intimidating exercise alone. First-time rod builders & seasoned professionals alike will be impressed by the carefully prepared components included in our kits.

Free 50 Page Fly Rod Building Book

Our comprehensive, fully illustrated, 50 page build book was authored by our professional rod builders. It contains everything you need to know to build your own fly rod - Follow along & you won’t go wrong.

The Very Best Fly Rod Building Components Available.

All designed to fit together - seamlessly. No Reaming. no Drilling, no Sanding - all Epic. Each fly rod building kit contains all the components, glues, rod finish and instructions you’ll need to build your own unique custom Epic fly rod.


Our ever popular fly rod building kits are currently sold out, but should be back in stock in late December


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5wt fiberglass fly rod building kit5wt fiberglass fly rod building kit
Precio de oferta€472,95 EUR
Double taper fly lines for fly fishingDouble taper fly lines for fly fishing
Precio de ofertaDesde €28,95 EUR
Two handed trout spey rod spey reel and spey line combo Two handed trout spey rod spey reel and spey line combo
Precio de oferta€1.319,95 EUR
Best fly reel waterproof fly reelBest fly reel waterproof fly reel
Precio de ofertaDesde €426,95 EUR
Trout Spey Blank11ft switch Blank
Precio de oferta€397,95 EUR
Epic spey rod blankEpic spey rod blank tow handed fly rod blank
Precio de oferta€340,95 EUR

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