The Epic brand was born out of the simple desire to “Build a Better Fly Rod” after having seen so many fly casters hampered by stiff lifeless fly rods.

Epic Bro Deal

Epic Bro Deal

Epic Bro Deal. Supporting the people who make it all happen.

Bro Deal, it's our take on the industry Pro deal. 
If you are a licenced guide, certified fly casting instructor, professional rod builder or industry pro making a difference we want you on our team. 

Qualifying Criteria & Eligibility.

Certified Fly Casting Instructors

You'll need to provide proof that you are a current, registered professional guide.

Rod Builders
We support professional rod builders, the guys that do it for a living. Show us you are the real deal.

"In the Trade"
You're in the trade, work for an outfitter, lodge, fly shop or something fishy.

Photographers and Artists
Taking a few snaps here and there isn't enough. Neither is that paint by numbers trout you did as a Christmas gift last year. If you are a bonafide professional photographer or artist we'll look after you.

The Rules

  1. Bro Deal is for you and for you only. You can't buy for your buddies, your girlfriend or your dog.
  2. If you like our gear tell a few people - if you don't, tell us so we can fix it.
  3. There is no 3
  4. Use the hashtag #epicflyrods in appropriate social media posts so we can hunt you out. No dead fish - leave 'em in the water wherever possible!
  5. Where possible tag us @swiftflyfishing - these come up on our radar every day, in return we can then promote you up.
  6. Be Epic, look after the planet.

How to Apply

  1. Apply to open an account here.
  2. Fill out the form, give us your basic details and contact email
  3. email us proof of credentials and a little background info to
  4. We'll review your application and if successful will set you up on our Bro Deal program and drop you a line. You can then order directly online from us at Pro prices.

 (and yes, we're counting Bro'esses as Bros) 

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