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The Pile Cast


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    The Pile Cast

    What looks like the most basic slack line cast is actually quite difficult to do well.
    And it’s the Pile, or Puddle Cast. Also called the parachute.
    What the pile cast gives you is a very large amount of slack line right at the end of the leader – and that’s probably it’s greatest benefit.  It’s not a particularly accurate casts and it’s very difficult to control in the wind.
    It’s a great cast for swirling eddies and backwaters and is also pretty useful for downstream presentations.
    To execute the Pile Cast, you make a low back cast and a high forward cast. Immediately after the stop, rapidly lower the rod tip to water level. The line should land in a large heap in front of you.  It’s vital that you drop the rod tip quickly and tear open that loop – otherwise you’re going to get a tailing loop and the birds nest of line that usually goes with it.
    This is a great cast in back eddies, swirling, or otherwise complex currents where lots of slack and not a lot of accuracy is required.

    Advantages: Relatively easy to execute, lots of slack.
    Disadvantages: Poor accuracy, difficult to control in wind.
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