Epic 690G voted Best 6 wt fly rods for fly fishing in New Zealand
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What is the best 6 weight fly rod for New Zealand?

What is the best 6 weight fly rod for New Zealand? While the term "Best 6wt Fly Rod" is pretty subjective, we produce a couple of 6 wts that have been specifically designed for New Zealand conditio...

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How to choose the best fly fishing rod and reel combo

A comprehensive guide on the many benefits of choosing a fly fishing rod and reel combo - "fly fishing combo" Matching the correct fly rod with the correct fly reel and fly line can make all the d...

Gearmodern graphite carbon fibre fly rod

The Difference Between Graphite and Carbon Fibre Fly Rods

So what is the difference between Carbon Fiber (carbon fibre) and Graphite when referring to fly rods? In short, absolutely nothing. Or perhaps more correctly - the Atlantic Ocean. In the US, fly r...

Adventurefly rods for fly fishing

Fly Fishing By Canoe

  “You’ve found a way to make the hardest way to fish even harder,” my dad told me 45 years ago. Maybe, but nothing has brought me more satisfaction over those years than fly fishing from a canoe. 

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The Versatility of 5 Weight Fly Rods

The 5 weight fly rod When it comes to fly fishing, the 5 weight fly rod is often considered the most versatile rod in an angler's arsenal. This is because it can be used for a variety of different...

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Tips til, hvordan du vælger den rigtige fluestang - The Epic Flue Rod Quiz

At vælge den rigtige fluestang er ikke nogen let opgave, længde, kraft, arter, fiskeforhold og den type fluer, du vil kaste skal alt sammen overvejes nøje.