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Baja Belly, Beers, and Bonitos

Recently we were lucky enough to catch up with our legendary buddy, Kameron Brown. Kam reminds us that having a fly rod handy is always a good idea. Feast your eyes on this collection of images from his recent trip to Costa Rica with Howler Bros.  

Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.
Length of trip: 1 week.
Lodge / accommodation: Some random air bnb.
Saltwater Fly Fishing with Epic Fly Rods Saltwater Fly Fishing for Bonito with Epic Fly Rods
Species: Bonito (tuna looking one) and that lil guy is a Snook. These fish are super rare for the area and it's quite uncommon to see any fly rods in the area. This was a surfing trip, but I always bring my fly fishing gear.
Saltwater Fly Fishing with Epic Fly Rods Catch and release
Methods: The Bonito was caught from a panga - full sink stripping a Clouser at 100mph (Tickticktickticktick). The Snook was with a tarpon line just off the beach. 
Flies used: Snook: Olive/white weighted Clouser. Bonito: All white on white mini bead chain Clouser. 
Snook on an Epic Fly Fishing Rod
Fly Fishing for Snook Costa Rica
A few comments/impressions of the trip: We got lost as all hell on the way to the spot, stuck in the mud (in the jungle), barely crossed a river in a 2WD mini van and got Baja belly. Nothing a few good beers, surf, amazing food (ceviche on the beach) couldn't fix. The fun is endless and there's never a dull moment on a Howler Bros trip! 
Epic Reference 890C 8wt Fly Rod Epic Reference 890C 8wt Fly Rod


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