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Epic 686 out for a test drive.

We love getting these.
This from Mike Taylor in California. A really slick clean build and flawless cork - just the way we love em - thanks Mike!

Finally got the water conditions right yesterday and took my newly completed 686 out for a test drive on my local steelhead river here in the mountains along the California/Oregon border. As you already know it performed impeccably. Gave it a real test by using weighted flies, split shot and an indicator. Looking forward to trying it on a sunny, warm day when I can cast without the steelhead impediments.
     Nothing fancy in my build, just a great functional rod. H & H guides, Pearsall's green highlander silk thread high lighted with trim bands of dark brown Gudebrod nylon. 
     Yours, Mike

Epic 686 Fiberglass fly rod

Epic 686 Fiberglass fly rod

Epic 686 Fiberglass fly rod

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