Fly Fishing Knots - Leftys Loop

Leftys Loop for fly fishing

This knot was developed by the renowned angler Lefty Kreh with a focus on enhancing the natural movement of flies when fishing with a fly rod.

A no-slip loop connection to streamers and nymphs allows a free-swinging action that eliminates the stiff, mechanical connection that I call a “Puppet Show”. When the no-slip loop is finished the tag points toward the hook and is less likely to pick up grass or other flotsam.
In my opinion, the smaller the loop, the better. The size of the gap between the loop and the hook determines the size of the finished loop. The number of wraps changes with the diameter. Here is what Lefty recommends in Fishing Knots: “For lines testing 8X to 6-pound-test, make seven turns; for 8 to 12-pound-test, make five turns; for 15 to 40-pound-test, four turns.” For lines heavier that that (or wire), you only have to use three turns.


1. Tie a simple overhand knot in the line before passing the tag end through the eye of the hook.
Lefty's no-slip loop knot2. Pass the tag through the overhand knot the same way it came out. Pull gently on the tag until the overhand knot is near (1/4 inch or less) the eye of the hook.

Tying Lefty Kreh's No-slip loop knot

3. Make five turns (more for the lightest lines; less for heavier) around the standing line, working toward the hook. Pass the tag through the original overhand knot. Lubricate.

No-slip loop knot for fly fishing

4. Tighten by pulling on the standing line, the tag, and the fly simultaneously. Trim the tag.

No-slip loop knot for saltwater fly fishing


Joe Mahler fly casting

Joe Mahler is one of the USA's leading fly casting instructors and author and illustrator of “Essential Knots & Rigs for Trout” and “Essential Knots & Rigs for Salt Water”. You can Book a fly casting lesson with Joe via his website here

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