Meet Jess McGlothlin - Epic Ambassador

Meet Jess McGlothlin - Epic Ambassador
"Fly fishing's Michael Jordan is a woman, and her name is Jess McGlothlin." -
Men's Journal
Jess McGlothlin is an impressive character, expert angler, talented writer and professional photographer of note.
Jess sees her mission as a simple one: tell stories. She's is happiest on the road in the gritty, far-off corners of the world. She sees her mission as a simple one: tell stories. Working as a freelance photographer and writer in the outdoor industry; while on assignment in past years she’s learned how to throw spears at coconuts in French Polynesia, dodge saltwater crocodiles in Cuba, navigate uninvited sharks in Samoa, and document stand-up paddle-board first-descents on Peruvian Amazon tributaries. 
Rainbow Runner on the fly
All-tackle record-breaking rainbow runner as caught by Jess on the Epic Bandit 10wt Fly Rod. Photo credit: @filmandfish
A passionate writer and photographer, Jess brings a unique, energetic perspective and approach to her work. Her written word is bright, bold, and honest. She’s worked with some of the largest brands in the outdoor sector, in roles ranging from staff copywriter to annual campaign photographer to marketing consultant.
Golden Dorado on a fly rod
Subject coverage ranges from Western rodeos to fly fishing far above the Arctic Circle in Russia. She has proven competence covering everything from international advertising campaigns to multi-day survival training sessions in remote, challenging environments to exploratory fishing trips. Her work has been featured in gallery shows from Germany to Israel, and she has received international awards / recognition for both her writing and photography.
Lucky enough to start fly-fishing as soon as she could hold a rod, she spent an inordinate amount of time on the water as a toddler, a trend which has only continued as an adult. She’s worked in the fly-fishing industry around the United States and internationally, in capacities from lodge management to copywriter. As a freelance photographer, clients include Patagonia, Outside, Orvis, Costa Sunglasses, YETI, The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal and a host of other commercial and editorial enterprises. And we couldn’t be more excited, or honoured, to have Jess join the Epic family.
Trophy Rainbow Trout on a fly rod
Jess is available for contract, editorial, and assignment work, and is currently based in Missoula, Montana, USA. She's an FAA certified sUAS pilot, and has experience working in environments from the Wadi Rum to the Arctic.
You can check out out Jess’s impressive portfolio and website here:
Follow her exploits on instagram here:

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