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Tips On How To Choose the Best Fly Rod

How to choose the best fly rod for fly fishing

5 Tips to Help Choose the Right Fly Rod

Choosing the best fly rod is no easy task. Fly rod power, species, fishing conditions and the type of flies you will be throwing all need to be carefully considered.

Of course, for many, choosing a new fly rod may be a pretty straightforward operation based on experience and what has historically proven to be the best fly rod for a given application.

How to choose the best fly rod

We believe there are 5 main factors that influence the type of fly rod best suited to any given task. These are broadly listed below but have been incorporated into our fly rod chooser quiz. If you're interested in what Epic fly rod might be best for you, take the quiz, and we'll point you in the right direction. And as always, if you have any questions - just drop us a note; we're here to help.

how to choose the best fly rod

How To Choose the Right Fly Rod

5 tips on how to find the best fly rod for your fly fishing

  1. Are you looking for a specialty rod? eg, a multi-piece Backpacking rod, Euro nymphing or two-handed Spey Rod?
  2. What size and species of fish will you be primarily targeting?
  3. Flies. What size flies will you mostly be casting with this fly rod?
  4. Action / Power. Are you best suited to a fast, medium or fly rod?
  5. Material, do you have a preference for the material a fly rod blank is made from? Cane, Glass Fiber or Carbon Fiber

Based on your answers to these 5 questions we can do a pretty good job of recommending the best fly rod for your needs. 

Take our fly rod quiz to find your perfect fly rod

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how to choose the best fly rod for fly fishing

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