Meet Colby D Crossland - Epic Ambassador

Jaymorr Photography Colbdy D Crossland

Meet Colby D Crossland, Epic Ambassador 

Colby has been a solid and generous supporter of Swift and our Epic gear from the get go, his social media is entertaining, at times enlightening (Stream-side Margaritas definitely get our vote) and always good humoured.

For those that don’t know him (and you should) Colby D Crossland is a professional fly-fishing guide for Spinnerfall Guide Service in Dutch John Utah where he spends the warmer months of the year catching fish and helping others to do the same and generally doing epic shit. When the temperature drops he splits his time between Salt Lake City, Moab, Utah and trying to explore Central America.

Colby D Crossland Epic Ambassador

“Slow Down feel the moment, experience what we are doing on the river. That is why I fly-fish. I might as well feel my rod too, that is why I dig glass. Just remember fishing is supposed to be fun”

Colby is also a brand Ambassador for our compadre's over at Howler Brothers where you’ll often see his moustachioed mug in their media. Recently Colby made a great short film "BOBOS Y LOCOS" - If you've not seen it take five and watch Colby D Crossland chasing the Salt GrandSlam on Epic Glass - Excelente!

5 tips from Colby

  1. Always grease your fly fline.
  2. Permit have ruined many good bone fishing trips.
  3. Buy some art from living artists (Jake Keeler, George Hill, Tyler Hacket, Ted Hanson, Nate Karnes, Peter Perch, Zane Porter)
  4. Hug your wife
  5. Travel more

You can find Colby on Instagram @colbydcrossland - give him a follow, there's always something good going on and some excellent video clips On Facebook
If you are in Utah and looking for the best damn guide service around give Colby and and the Spinnerfall Guide Service a shout!

Acknowledgement to JayMorr Photograpy for the fine images

Colby D Crossland Epic Ambassador

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