10 Best Trout Flies For Fly Fishing Fresh Water pheasant tail nymph

10 Best Trout Flies For Fly Fishing Fresh Water

The reason they work so well is because of the way a trout’s brain works. These fly designs are based on the most important ‘triggers’ to a trout’s feeding response – a fly’s size, shape and postur...

AdventureEpic Fly Rods Saltwater fly fishing Costa Rica

On location with Kameron Brown

Recently we were lucky enough to catch up with our legendary buddy, Kameron Brown. Kam reminds us that having a fly rod handy is always a good idea. Feast your eyes on this collection of images fr...

Adventurefly rods for fly fishing

Fly Fishing By Canoe

  “You’ve found a way to make the hardest way to fish even harder,” my dad told me 45 years ago. Maybe, but nothing has brought me more satisfaction over those years than fly fishing from a canoe. 

Adventurefly fishing with fly rods in swedish lapland

Fjället - Fly Fishing In Swedish Lapland

We all have been there, looking out the window at the shitty weather outside. Dreaming away for a little bit, thinking. I want to be out there again, peacefulness and with nothing to worry about. L...

Adventurebig flies for fly fishing pikes and saltwater

Bigger is Better - Big flies, Big fish, Big Fly Rods.

Big flies, Big fish, Big Fly Rods. The day I bought my first fly rod was the day I acquired my first vice. To me there was never a question in my mind, if I take up fly fishing, fly tying has to be...

AdventureFly Fishing the Limay Rover with an Epic 8 weight fiberglass fly rod

Fly Fishing the Limay River

It is the end of the fishing season in Patagonia Argentina. Two of my buddies, Marcos Hlace, Diego Soto and myself decided to fish for the mighty migratory trout at the upper Limay River, a must to...