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"You'll never use an ordinary fly rod again"

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Born in New Zealand, Fished Worldwide.

Premium Quality Fly Fishing Gear Built to Last. We're the fly rod company that's obsessed with making the best fly rods on the planet, and we back it up with unbeatable customer service.

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Epic fly rods New Zealand, the worlds best fly rods for fly fishing

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"An absolute pocket rocket, the Epic Reference 476 Fastglass fly rod is a dream to fish on small, technical trout streams. The rod lands flies accurately and delicately—and it has an impressive backbone for a stick this light"

Field & Stream Magazine - Voted "Best Small Stream Fly Rod" Epic 476

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Epic fly rods New Zealand, the worlds best fly rods for fly fishing
Awarded Best 5 weight fly rods for fly fishing
Awarded Best 6 weight fly rods for fly fishing in New Zealand
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Awarded Best 4 weight fly rod for fly fishing small streams
Epic premium quality fly rods
"You'll never use an ordinary fly rod again"
"Life Changing"
"The quintessential fly rod"
"This is where quality lives"

What the Pro's have to say

Macauley Lord. IFFF Master Casting Instructor. Author.

Life Changing

"This fly rod is a magnificent achievement, I sing it's praises to every serious fly rodder I know"

Bob Mallard. Author, Writer, Reviewer. USA

Exceeded all Expectations

"Exceeded all expectations in every way"

Ian Cole. Guide. Casting Instructor. New Zealand

The quintessential fly rod

"This is an example of what the quinessential fly rod should be"

Mike Reingruber, Author, Angler USA

This is where quality lives

"The build quality on this Studio Built Fly Rod is phenomenal"


Fish your Epic fly rod for 30 days. If you don't think it's the best fly rod you've ever owned, we'll give you a full refund.

(And we'll blow you away with our 5 star customer service & support)

Epic fly rods for fly fishing

Carl McNeil. Founder. Master Fly Casting Instructor.

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