The Epic brand was born out of the simple desire to “Build a Better Fly Rod” after having seen so many fly casters hampered by stiff lifeless fly rods.

Care and Feeding of Your Fly Rod

15 tips on how to look after your fly rod.

We’ve worked hard to build the very best fly rod we can. Here’s how to do your bit:

  • Store your completed rod dry and clean. Completely air dry your rod and place it in the cloth bag and tube before storing.

  • The best way to stow a rod over long periods is to hang it in its bag. Our rod bags all have a hang tag designed for this purpose.

  • Never put your rod back wet or damp in the rod bag or tube. Simply clean the rod off with a soft cloth and allow to dry. We’ve included a cloth to do just that. An occasional wipe down with a damp cloth will do wonders for the finish.

  • To correctly stow your rod and protect the tip, it is best to place your rod in the bag with the tip top and cork handle up.

  • Avoid using thick ferrule lubricants and waxes on your blank . Our ferrules are designed to operate best when clean and dry. Waxes attract & trap dust and grit that will scratch your beautiful blank. If you have a ferule that seems to stick, a little nose grease should do the trick.

  • Clean & give each male ferrule a rub down between your thumb and forefinger before fitting and they will give you a lifetime of trouble free operation. This simple step will help remove any dust, and the small about of natural oil deposited from your fingers is enough to ensure the sections seperate easily.

  • Stow it! We made you an awesome rod tube. When not in use, always store your rod in the tube. Almost all rod repairs are victims of car doors and windows.

  • The Dash - We totally get that it’s easy and kinda cool to stow your rod up on the dash - however, your dash is about the worst place to sit your fly rod, even an Epic. The intense sunlight and heat will deteriorate your fly rod. Get your dry fly rod back in that terrific tube we made for you.

  • Take the rod apart when you are done fishing to avoid stuck ferrules. It's tempting to leave a rod up during a fishing trip - especially salt water excursions. Leaving a rod together for days on end, particularly after tropical use will lead to stuck ferrules. Take the rod apart and clean it.

  • Wash the rod with lukewarm soapy water and a soft sponge. An old tooth brush will remove the salt and dirt from the guides and reel seat. Pay special attention to the stripper guides. All our saltwater rods feature Titanium stripper guides, which are extremely corrosion resistant. Cleaning should be done daily on saltwater trips.

  • Shower with a friend. Another option to help clean down after a session in the salt is to take your fly rod into the shower with you and give it a scrub down too.

  • Cleaning the cork grip. The quickest, easiest method is to use a little lighter fluid. Wet a soft cloth with a little lighter fluid and rub the cork handle gently to remove dirt and discoloration of the cork. Bleach also works well.

  • Assembly. You will get the best, most secure fit by lining up the guides and then pushing the two sections straight together without twisting. Twisting scores out the ferrules and over time will contribute to a loose fit.

  • Stuck rod sections.
    Grasp the sections behind your knees and separate.
    B) Take two people, cross hands over the stuck section and seperate.
    Freeze the section, then pour warm water over the outer female section.
    D) Take a couple of non-slip rubber pads like those used in drawer and toolbox liners to enable a better grip on the blank.

Be kind to the environment,
walk tall and be Epic.

How to maintain and look after a fly rod
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