Graphite (Carbon Fiber) vs Fiberglass Fly Rods

Graphite Fly Rods (Carbon Fibre) vs Fiberglass Fly Rods

If you are looking to get a picture of the differences between Graphite fly rods and Fiberglass fly rods, Joe Mahler has the lowdown. Of course, here in New Zealand we refer to these materials a li...

Adventure10 Best Trout Flies For Fly Fishing Fresh Water pheasant tail nymph

10 Best Trout Flies For Fly Fishing Fresh Water

The reason they work so well is because of the way a trout’s brain works. These fly designs are based on the most important ‘triggers’ to a trout’s feeding response – a fly’s size, shape and postur...

Fly CastingHow to choose the best fly rod for fly fishing

Tips On How To Choose the Best Fly Rod

Find the best fly rod with our free fly fishing rod chooser. Choosing the right fly rod is no easy task, length, power, species, fishing conditions and the type of flies you will be throwing all n...

AnnouncementsBest Fly reel for fly fishing as voted by Field & Stream Magazine

Best of The Best - Best Fly Reel 2022 Field & Stream

The Epic Backcountry Fly Reel - Awarded "Best of the Best" Best fly reel by Field and Stream Magazine USA.

AnnouncementsBest small stream trout fly fishing rod

Best Small Stream Fly Rod

Epic 476 takes out Best Small Stream Fly Rod Award This week we were delighted to hear that an Epic Fiberglass fly rod won “Best Small Stream Trout Rod” - against all comers - Best Fly Rods of...

GearFly fishing Knots how to tie the slim beauty knot step 3

How To Tie The Slim Beauty Knot

The slim beauty is one of the most popular fly fishing knots in use today. It is a great knot for connecting class tippets to shock tippets as well as tippet sections to butt sections. This knot is...