Bro Deal

Bro Deal, it's our take on the industry Pro deal. 

At Epic we love to support the professionals that share the industry - the folks that make it all happen! If you are a licenced guide, certified fly casting instructor, professional rod builder or industry pro making a difference we want you on our team.

Qualifying Criteria & Eligibility:

Certified Casting Instructors

Please provide a copy of your valid certificate(s) 


You'll need to provide proof that you are a current, registered professional guide.

Rod Builders

We support full-time professional rod builders, the guys that do it for a living.

"In the Trade"

You're in the trade, work for an outfitter, lodge, fly shop or something fishy.

Photographers and Artists

Taking a few snaps here and there isn't enough. Neither is that paint by numbers trout you did as a Christmas gift last year. If you are a bonafide professional photographer or artist we'll look after you.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Bro Deal is for you and for you only. You can't buy for your buddies, your girlfriend or your dog.
  2. If you like our gear tell a few people - if you don't, tell us so we can fix it.
  3. There is no 3
  4. Use the hashtag #epicflyrods in appropriate social media posts so we can hunt you out. No dead fish - leave 'em in the water wherever possible!
  5. Where possible tag us @epicflyrods - these come up on our radar every day, in return, we can then promote you up.
  6. Be Epic, look after the planet.