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Fly Fishing Tricks Tips and Reviews
Bearhawk fly fishing fly rods


BEARHAWK LIMITED EDITION FLY RODS The Bearhawk Limited Edition* line of fly rod building kits and fly rods are inspired by fishing trips in my frie...
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Fly fishing Knots how to tie the slim beauty knot step 3

How To Tie The Slim Beauty Knot

The slim beauty is one of the most popular fly fishing knots in use today. It is a great knot for connecting class tippets to shock tippets as well...
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Fly Fishing the Limay Rover with an Epic 8 weight fiberglass fly rod

Fly Fishing the Limay River

It is the end of the fishing season in Patagonia Argentina. Two of my buddies, Marcos Hlace, Diego Soto and myself decided to fish for the mighty m...
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fly casting improve your distance

Fly Casting - Sharpen Your Shooting

Double your line length in a single cast without false casting Any fly fisher knows that stripping in and lengthening – or “shooting” line – is par...
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The Best Fly Fishing Spots Near Otago

The Best Fly Fishing Spots Near Otago

While you’re in Otago, you’re never far away from an incredible fly fishing opportunity. Take a virtual tour of the area before you plan your trip.
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Epic fly rod building kit

Win an Epic Fly Rod Building Kit

Win and build your very own Epic fly rod! Together with The Fly Fishing Nation we are giving away 2 X Epic Ready To Wrap Fly Rod Building kits to ...
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