Graphite (Carbon Fiber) vs Fiberglass Fly Rods

Graphite Fly Rods (Carbon Fibre) vs Fiberglass Fly Rods

If you are looking to get a picture of the differences between Graphite fly rods and Fiberglass fly rods, Joe Mahler has the lowdown. Of course, here in New Zealand we refer to these materials a li...

Fly CastingHow to fly cast further fly fishing

7 Tips to Increase Your Fly Casting Distance

Add 10 feet to your fly cast - pronto! Somewhere along the line who hasn’t wanted to cast just a little further.  While this isn’t intended to be a lesson on all out distance casting

Fly CastingTips for casting in windy conditions

Inherit the Wind - Tips for casting in windy conditions

Wind, in many great fishing destinations, is always a factor. While it can make fly casting challenging, the wind also has its advantages, such as being able to get closer to the fish without spook...

Fly CastingFly Fishing for Trout

5 tips to improve your fly fishing.

Be the best you can be. When it comes to fly fishing, most of our failures are due to poor casting skills. Practice makes perfect. Make those fancy presentation mends and accuracy casts second natu...

Fly CastingFly Fishing Double Haul

Double Down - Understanding and maximising your Double Haul Part 2

Double Down - Understanding and maximising your Double Haul Part 2 By Joe Mahler In this, the second part of Double Down - Understanding and maximising your Double Haul we start with the backhand H...

Fly CastingFly Fishing fly casting Tailing Loops and how to fix them fly casting

Fly Fishing & Fly Casting - Tailing Loops And How To Cure Them

Having seen a few tails and created more than my fair share - most entirely involuntarily - I think it best to keep things relatively simple. After-all, we're all about fly fishing rather than any ...