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how to cast tight loops fly casting fly fishing

How to Cast Tight Loops - Fly Fishing & Fly Casting

Casting tight loops are is actually pretty simple in theory. Line and loop shape are primarily dictated by the path the fly rod tip takes during th...
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Fly Fishing fly casting Tailing Loops and how to fix them fly casting

Fly Fishing & Fly Casting - Tailing Loops And How To Cure Them

Having seen a few tails and created more than my fair share - most entirely involuntarily - I think it best to keep things relatively simple. After...
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Fly Rod Building videos and resources

Fly Rod Building Resource Page

Join our Epic Fly Rod Building Kit Forum on Facebook here. This group is specifically for building Epic Ready To Wrap Fly Rod Kits - Please note: ...
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The best tippet to fly knot

The Pitzen knot - The best fly to tippet knot there is

The strongest and simplest tippet to fly knot there is is the Pitzen knot. The Pitzen Knot is referred to under a number of differnt names includin...
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fly casting the reach mend or reach cast fly fishing casts

Reach for it - Fly casting, Mayflies, the Reach Mend and the drag f...

A great method to help get good drag free drifts is to introduce some slack during the cast. There are many slack line casts but the Reach Mend is ...
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How to fly cast further fly fishing

7 Tips to Increase Your Fly Casting Distance

Add 10 feet to your fly cast - pronto! Somewhere along the line who hasn’t wanted to cast just a little further.  While this isn’t intended to be a...
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