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Epic fly rod building kit unboxing video

Epic Fly Rod Building Kit - 590G 5wt Fly Rod Building Series pt1

If you’ve ever tied your own flies, you’ll know the satisfaction it gives you when you catch a fish on your own creation. Well, why not take this ...
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Epic 590G Fly Rod Building Kit review and videos

Epic 590G Fly Rod Building Kit Review

In this video, Pierre finally takes the Epic 590G 5-Weight Graphene Fly Rod out for a spin on his local waters. He tests the rod with multiple rigs...
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The Epic Fly Rod range

The Epic® Fly Rod Range

The Epic® Fly Rod Range Explained   Epic® Reference Series Epic® Studio Built Range Industry leading Epic blank with SureFit™ ferule system ☑...
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Whitney Gould Spey Casting

Welcoming World Fly Casting Champion Whitney Gould

“Fly fishing isn’t about catching the most fish. If it was, none of us would be fly fishers to begin with. It’s about catching fish on your own ter...
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The best tippet to fly knot

The Pitzen knot - The best fly to tippet knot there is

The strongest and simplest tippet to fly knot there is is the Pitzen knot. The Pitzen Knot is referred to under a number of differnt names includin...
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wels catfish on fiberglass fly rod epic boca grande 12 wt

Wels Catfish and the 12wt Boca Grande Fly Rod

Epic Cat' - Super-Sized Catfish on Fly Jean-Charles Maurs catches big fish, very big fish. In fact, he delights in chasing and landing the largest ...
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