Epic Reference 6wt Fiberglass fly rod by Epic 686 FastGlass Fly Rod
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Reference 6wt 686 FastGlass Fly Rod

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  • The Epic Reference 686, often imitated, never beaten

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    Utilizing the same industry-leading blank & high-quality components as our Studio Built  custom collection but without the customisation options, the new 686  Reference takes it up another notch.

    Regarded by industry pro's and glass aficionados world wide as the best glass 6wt made, the Epic 686 presents beautifully but packs plenty of attitude. Perfect for tossing big flies, swinging streamers and light saltwater work. 

    The ultimate 6wt fiberglass fly rod. 

    The Epic 686 has gained cult status and we've seen many imitators try to replicate the magic of this fly rod. There is only one - and this is it!

    Our Epic™ 686 is crafted from 8 micron FastGlass II. A unidirectional S-2 Glass, this material is stiffer and stronger than e-glass or standard s-glass. The 686 is as strong as an ox, super smooth and extremely versatile.

    Experience the Epic® difference

    • Industry-leading FastGlass II fly rod blank 
    • Stunning FLOR grade cork grip
    • Hard anodised Epic reel seat ensuring a lifetime of service
    • Premium quality Fuji titanium stripping guide
    • Corrosion proof Ion-plated snake guides
    • SureFit™ Ferrule System for immediate section replacement
    • Stealthy and chip-resistant SnakeBelly ™ Finish
    • Superior service and ongoing customer support
    • Finished in matching translucent wraps
    • NEW Artic colourway

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      Got questions? - Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.

    • Recommended line weight: AFTMA #6
      Length: 8'6"
      Pieces: 4 
      Total length: 2,580mm
      ERN: (Unwrapped): 6.4
      ELN: 6
      Optimal Grain Window: 140 - 175 Grains
      Effective Line Range: AFTMA 5 / 6 / 7
      Action:Progressive / Mid Flex / Medium Fast
      Taper: Fast
      AA: (Action Angle): 68° (Fast)
      Blank Weight: 63g

      Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank
      Epic s2 Fiberglass FLy Rod Blank
      Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod Blank
    • These are the smoothest, most beautiful fly rods you’ll ever cast. Purposefully designed and exquisitely handcrafted using only the very best components available. 

      Light in the hand and an absolute pleasure to cast; There is simply no better fly rod made - and your absolute delight is guaranteed.

      "I really believe the EPIC 686 is by far the most popular GLASS streamer rod on the market. More often than not, I get requests for the 686 and most of the time in Salsa. Carl has created a wonderful, and powerful taper and folks love them!" 

      - Shane Gray Graywolf Rods.

        "I will only touch on this for a second because everyone keeps hearing how phenomenal the 686 is. This is a phenomenal blank. The beauty is in the fact that the rod can lay out ten feet of line with the delicacy of a full flex cane, but when called upon fire 95' of line into a stiff breeze. It does all of this with a great deal of feel and composure that most rods will never achieve. It is quite possibly one of the best 6wts on the mark glass, graph, or grass."
        - Zeb TonkavichSnowman Custom Rod Works

        "the Epic 686 is (f#$%'ing) magic in my hands. This fly rod is responsive, quick to load, and a powerhouse that lays out very long accurate casts with relative ease."
        - Cameron Mortenson The Fiberglass Manifesto

        FastGlass II
        All Epic "Glass" rods are produced from industry-leading 8 micron Unidirectional S-2 Glass. This next-generation fiber is specifically engineered for fly rod production and features 8 micronfibers developed and produced in the USA. These fibres are almost half the diameter of other unidirectional materials, resulting in tighter, more precise and stronger fly rods. 

        Built Epic Tough
        Epic glass rods are incredibly tough. Our S2 FastGlass II has a far higher strength-to-weight ratio than Carbon fibre (graphite) rods. Epic FastGlass rods can endure more acute and severe bends than the equivalent Carbon fibre or even regular S2 glass, tip sections are stronger and far less susceptible to breakages due to high-sticking and problematic rod angles when pulling against load.

        Got questions? - Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.
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