It ain't no switch rod. Custom Epic DH11 glass two handed fly rod by S - The Swift Fly Fishing Company - Epic Fly Rods

Building a two handed rod is no mean feat - it's literally the equivalent of building two single hand rods - and then some. Building a truly great two hander is the realm of the master rod builder only.

Shane Gray of Graywolf fame has done a remarkable job on what is the first DH11 build we've seen up close and personal - and it's breathtaking. Built for a long time client, Shane once again shows why he's regarded as a master builder. 

As would be the case with most single handed builds, the fore and aft grip for this rod were glued and turned on the blank  - A mammoth task on such a large rod - but one that was clearly worth the effort. The result is a spectacular two handed glass rod of supreme quality and craftsmanship.

About the DH11

The Epic DH11 Two Handed fly rod blank is an 11' 6" two handed fly rod blank inspired by the Pacific North West and specifically designed for Skagit and Scandi heads.

Built Epic style using fully unidirectional S2 FastGlass the DH 11 boasts a terrific amount of reserve power with a gran window of 320 - 540 grains.

S2 FastGlass Glass Fibre material make this machine many times stronger than an equivalent Carbon Fibre blank.
Perfect for chucking big chickens, cone-heads and intruders for Salmon and Steelhead.
Prime performance without the excessive tip bounce, weight and rebound common in glass two handed blanks.

Recommended Grain Window: 320 - 540 grain
Recommended line weight: 7/8/9 dependant on line system
Length: 11' 6"
Pieces: 4

More details and specifications on the Epic DH11 here

Custom Epic DH11 fiberglass glass two handed fly rod

Custom Epic DH11 fiberglass glass two handed fly rod

Custom Epic DH11 fiberglass glass two handed fly rod

Custom Epic DH11 fiberglass glass two handed fly rod

Custom Epic DH11 fiberglass glass two handed fly rod

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