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May 31, 2011
May 31, 2011

After about 18 months of fluffing around I've finally managed to find the time to update the cover artwork for Once in a Blue Moon. I've thought for some time that the cover just doesn't do the film justice, so hopefully this revision remedies that, sure hope so - I'd be interested to hear what you think.

We've also gone for a totaly new package style and have opted for high quality cardboard digipaks - they're more expensive to produce but look slick as hell and should really stand out on the shelves.
Plus an added bonus is we're using less plastic in our packaging

Once in a Blue Moon is still the number two selling fly fishing film on Amazon, second only to.. wait for it... A river Runs Through It. Not bad, particularly given that I'm no Brad Pitt.

We'll ge the new art updated on Amazon shortly and for all our retail customers and fly shops (which should be your first choice when you go buy a copy)

The updated artwork for web can be downloaded as a zip file here

If you're after a high resolution version for print just drop me a line.


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