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70's Custom Epic 686 Fly Rod - Yeah Baby!

Collectors Epic 686 Custom Fly Rod

The Epic 686 70's Special Edition.

Far out! - Slide on your Aviators and crank up the Doobie Brothers - We're rocking a Classic.

Trev' and the team in the workshop have gone all retro on this baby. Stunning workmanship, classic style and attention to detail are the hallmarks of this Funky Collectors 686.

*This is a limited Edition - only 5 rods available. 

Constructed using fully unidirectional S2 glass fibre, the Epic 686 sets the standard for modern performance glass.

Longer, lighter, meaner and stronger than any of it's contemporaries, the 686 totally changes what is possible with modern glass fibre composite material. Perfect for tossing big flies, big fish and light saltwater work. 

The Classic 70's 686

  • Classic old School reel seat with Copper accents
  • Classic Flor grade Cigar grip
  • Chrome "Snake Brand" snake guides, 
  • Classic super hard chrome high arch stripper.
  • Cross hatched feature trims with copper highlights
  • Funky "Doobie" variegated tiger wraps
  • * Aviators not included

Check out the stunning custom Epic "Starsky" and more great pics>

 Custom Epic fly Rod Builder Trevor BorneTrev rocking out in the workshop

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