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Fly Rod Building - The Epic 888 Fly Rod Building Kit

Fly Rod Building Kits by Epic - building the Epic 888 fly rod

The Epic 888 Fly Rod Building Kit

Join Epic Ambassador Norbert Renaud as demonstrates building a fly rod using the Epic 888 Fly Rod Building Kit.

In this 4 part video series Norbert covers everything from the rod kit unboxing through to putting the final touches on an Epic 888 Fly Rod.

Norbert has a terrific Youtube Channel featuring rod building tricks and tips and a bunch of fantastic fly tying videos - make sure you give him a follow here


Unboxing the Epic 888 Fly Rod Building Kit


Epic 888 Fly Rod Building Kit - Part 2 Reel seat & handle


Epic 888 Fly Rod Building Kit - Part 3 Spining and marking


Epic 888 Fly Rod Building Kit - Part 4, wrapping and finishing

1 Response

Nick Mendaloff
Nick Mendaloff

November 23, 2021

I was thinking of glass fly rod I do a lot of nice brock trout thinking of a good glass 2wt. maybe humming up the wrong tree do guys have a 2wt in 6.5 to 7ft.and the price this will be kit with everything I need to go hope to hear from you soon
Thanks Nick

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