Introducing The New Stealthy G Series Graphene Fly Rods - The Swift Fly Fishing Company - Epic Fly Rods

We're delighted to introduce our new G series Graphene Nano Resin Fly Rod lineup.

4 wt graphite fly rod with Graphene nano resin

Super stealthy in a non-reflective satin SnakeBelly™ finish, the new G Series utilises industry leading Graphene nano resins to help create a lighter, stronger more responsive fly rod.

Featuring our SnakeBelly finish and a new low sheen, chip resistant satin exterior these are extremely stealthy & tough fly rods. Finished in smoke grey translucent wraps with contrasting red trims they look terrific.


The use of Graphene nano resin affords clear performance advantages. 5% Lighter, tougher and more responsive.

    Stealthy and chip resistant

    Our SnakeBelly™ Satin finish is scratch and chip resistant making for an extremely tough and durable fly rod that is less prone to stress fractures caused by collisions with weighted flies.

    The 480G Carbon Fiber Fly Rod with Graphene nano resin

    4wt graphite fly rod with Graphene Nano resin

    First off the rank is our first 4 weight carbon fiber fly rod - the 480 G. Closely followed by our 5wt six piece Packlight backpacking rod.

    The Epic® 480 G is a 4 weight custom tuned, light, and highly responsive fly rod designed for technical dry fly, emerger and nymph fishing for smaller trout, natives and Brookies.

    Check out the new 480G here

    5wt 586G-6 Packlight Backpacking Fly Rod with Graphene nano resin

    5wt 586-6 G Packlight Backpacking Fly Rod multi piece

    The new 586G -6 breaks down into 6 pieces and is small and compact enough to easily slip down the side of a backpack or rucksack.

      • Incredibly light. An astounding 88 grams (3.1 ounces)
      • Incredibly convenient. Only 460 mm long (18 inches)
      • Incredibly stealthy, Incredibly tough. Non-reflective satin finish
      • SnakeBelly™ satin. Graphene Nano resin for unsurpassed strength and weight

    You'll be amazed at how light and responsive this fly rod is, helping you form some of the smoothest loops you've ever experienced. 

     Check out the new 586-G Packlight here 

    G Series blanks and fly rod kits will become available in late September 


    Best 4wt fly rod Graphene

    Best fly rod



    1 Response

    roberto tamburini
    roberto tamburini

    October 20, 2020

    good morning,
    beautiful rod with a very beautiful and technical description.
    I have already bought from you a raw 480 in glass, then I bought an excellent 954C graphite blank.
    when you put into production a smaller size like 7.6 feet weight 3/4 send me an email that I’m interested.
    I live in Italy and fish mainly in my country and the 8 foot size is a little used size or 7, 7.6 or 9 feet.
    anyway congratulations beautiful barrel.
    Roberto Tamburini

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