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The Roll Cast


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    The Roll Cast

    The Roll Cast really is a special cast – it’s the foundation of all Spey casts and once mastered it opens up a myriad of extremely effective casts for both the single and two handed rod. It is the single most versatile cast that I know of and time after time a well-executed roll will be your ‘get out of jail free card’
    Once you master it you’ll be well on your way to learning the  Dynamic Roll, Jump Roll, Roll cast Pickup, Switch Cast, Single Spey – then almost every Spey cast there is.
    The roll cast is the cast to use when you have limited or no back cast room, it’s also a stealthy cast – and executed well causes minimum water disturbance. 
    It’s also a quick and efficient method to get the fly back in the water and fishing again.
    The roll-cast reduces unnecessary false casting, fatigue and the likelihood of birds nests, lost flies and tangles. It’s also incredibly useful for lifting up heavy sink tips and shooting heads, casting very heavy flies and bombs, and is a good wind cast. 
    With practice the roll cast can also be very accurate, and if you really want a cast that is going to open up a much broader range of fishing then this is it.
    This tutorial, along with 9 other casts, the five essentials of fly casting and additional explanations are all included in one volume on our Casts that Catch Fish DVD. More Info...

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