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Woolly Bugger

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    Fly Fishing Flies - The Bead Head Woolly Bugger

    The most effective fly fishing flies ever tied. Time proven patterns tied traditional style on competition grade hooks using all natural materials.

    Highest quality flies tied using only the best materials on the very best Hanak barbless competition Hooks. These hooks are sticky sharp!

    Classic Bead Head Woolly Bugger

    The most recognizable, and likely the most commonly fished streamer fly ever tied. The wooly bugger attracts fish in fast or slow water, rivers, ponds, and lakes, in dirty water or spring creeks. It imitates crayfish, minnows, sculpin, leeches, and many other natural foods trout love. This streamer fly pattern is a classic that you simply can't be without.

    These Buggers are the best you will find. Tied on Hanak hooks, lead underbody and brass bead.

    Flies are finished with a wraps of fine wire to ensure they are super tough and durable (Hackles will not break and unwind) Silver wire on the black buggers, copper wire on the Olive buggers

    Size 8  - sticky sharp Hanak competition barbless hook 

    Imitates:Baitfish, Smelt, crayfish, minnows, sculpin, leeches

    Delivered in our classic tin fly box "Box - O - Flies"

    Best fly fishing flies for New Zealand trout