TFM Epic Rod Build

If you've been follwoing along on The Fiberglass Manifesto or our Facebook Page you've no doubt seen some of the incredible builds our custom rod builders have put together.

We have one more build to come from Callum Ross at Indi River Rods in Australia

Shane Gray from Gray Wolf products and services has also been giving our Epic blanks the treatment - delicious!


If you haven't seen them, you're missing out on something pretty spectacular, take a look.


Dsc_8203 Dsc_8207 Dsc_8183 Dsc_8212 Dsc_8229 Dsc_8261


69669_467870439943552_5088004_n 309737 184678_467869853276944_1276509870_n 379319_467869729943623_661536226_n 430153_467870296610233_1627751168_n 480382_467870169943579_2029425275_n 552691_467869809943615_472981812_n 424463_467869699943626_2017172787_n 718742896


Gray Wolf
702055_497677163608606_1000813893_n-1 566151_497677136941942_233280943_n 702246_497677150275274_625787580_n-1 Epic_tease_001 Epic_tease_002 Epic_tease_001-1 Epic_tease_003  


Swift test build
P1000220 P1000222_-_version_2 P1000225 P1000233_-_version_2 P1000232_-_version_2 P1000234_-_version_2 P1000235_-_version_2


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February 16, 2013

No we haven’t Larry. Why? would you buy them if they were more subtle?

Larry Turigliatto
Larry Turigliatto

February 15, 2013

To my eye the colors you have chosen for your fiberglass rods are a bit too unusual. I build bamboo rods and would prefer colors that are a bit more subtle. Any thoughts about changing the colors?

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