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April Updates

 The L U N A R Hubless Fly Reel Like every project I've worked on so far - our films and DVD's included, I employ a pretty simple design philosoph...
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Champ Cuts Cigarette in Two to Show His Skill With Fly (Oct, 1930)

    I know a few guys that are pretty damn good with a fly rod, but I wouldn't trust one of those bastards to do this. From the endlessly entertai...
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Startups, this is how design works

Great article on design featuring Dieter Rams Ten Principles of Good Design Incredible how closely Apples designs resemble Dieters original works...
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1956 World Champion Fly Fishing Demonstration - Inspirational!

Super 16, just awesome!
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Simple Curves

  Received a couple of emails asking where the "curve cast video is" - the one we made for Casts that Catch Fish In this clip I show a very simple ...
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