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Autumn Colour

  That's 'Fall color' for you lot down there in the Northern hemisphere :-p Eitherway, these shots show why it's my favorite time of year - the tro...
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Tapam Downunder

  We're stoked to announce that Tapam is coming down-under! We love great fly fishing films, and the next best thing to making them is being associ...
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Autumn angling

  Carl McNeil   On the Fly Productions   (Sent from my XyloPhone)     Permalink | Leave a comment  »
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How to fly fish and not make us all look bad

  Stop holding that rod butt in your teeth - you look like an idiot (And yes, balancing it on your shoulders is pretty lame too) Fly fishing is no...
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Distance Casting lines - the Barrio GT 140S

  I'm regularly asked what line I'm casting in our clips and DVD's - It seems to be about the most common question for our clips from 'Casts that C...
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the filming is flawless too

  Casts that Catch FishEssential Presentation Casts that Catch more FishInstructor, narrator, producer etc.: Carl McNiel, Jeanie AckleyReviewed by...
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