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Once in a Blue Moon New Artwork

After about 18 months of fluffing around I've finally managed to find the time to update the cover artwork for Once in a Blue Moon. I've thoug...
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Simple Curves

Received a couple of emails asking where the "curve cast video is" - the one we made for Casts that Catch Fish In this clip I show a very sim...
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Hi-Viz Orange Practice Fly lines

The single most common question generated from our YouTube Casting clips is "What's that orange fly line you are using" (Closely followed by "Wha...
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92 in the shade

This week I've been working through some of the shots we took on Aitutaki in November - it's a mission. Jeanie took these three on a rare day off...
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Heavy on the Post

20mm @ 1.7 and funked up in Photoshop Love that fast lens Permalink | Leave a comment  »
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Autumn Colour

That's 'Fall color' for you lot down there in the Northern hemisphere :-p Eitherway, these shots show why it's my favorite time of year - th...
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